My clients are...

Not for Profit Organisations


Churches and community service providers



Singles, couples, families and landlords



Community champions and those with a vision

clients come to me when...

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 they have a question about a building or place they care about.

 they want targeted services at an affordable price.

 they need expert guidance without fear of over-servicing.

they have an idea and need architectural advice to develop and achieve it.

they need analysis, drawings or written reports to move a project forward.

What i offer that's different is...

A Speed-Dial architectural service

V.A.G. is here when you need it. I come to you. I target issues you have right now.

A Diagnostic architectural service

V.A.G. aims to solve the problem in the simplest and most elegant way to save you time, energy and money. 

An Affordable architectural service

V.A.G. wants to empower you to act for yourselves with good design advice. I take away the fear of over-commitment or over-servicing. 

free tools to get you started (....coming soon!!)

Making Spaces that you Value

V.A.G. puts your values, needs and wants front and centre of the project using discussion and pen-and-paper tools to get them out of your head and into reality. V.A.G. knows how to analyse the pros and cons of different strategies. You will get clarity on which option to pursue based on your values criteria.  I'm ready to be your architect.