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value Architects group


what's different?

Accessible and Convenient

Nothing is more convenient than getting the design right first time. Value Architects is a low cost way to access high quality design thinking, test your own ideas and see if working with an Architect is right for you. Plus, we'll meet you in your home or workplace.

Choice and Control

Once we've developed a clear strategy for your big investment, you own the work. Empowered with quality information you can confidently negotiate with a builder, other consultants or take charge yourself. Value Architects sees multiple pathways to delivery.

No Vested Interests

Value Architects understands you might not need us involved in every detail. Just need guidance? Great! Want to explore some ideas? We would love to help. We make the design process accessible, workable and enjoyable without the unnecessary fuss.

who's behind it?

One Person (so far...)


Principal and Founder, Sarah, has worked from Melbourne to London, designing new urban environments, community spaces, schools, houses and even sheds. Unsatisfied, she became a teacher. Her epiphany was realising that Architecture has an accessibility problem. Bouncing back, she created Value Architects Group and with it a new way for individuals and groups to access deep design thinking.

A Life in Architecture


Sarah has learned a lot from her Architect mum and step-dad, who continue to mentor her, and also her Engineer father. She's married to a Construction Manager with whom she renovated her own home. Her University Alumni continue to offer experience and support. Architecture, design and property has always been central in Sarah's life.

Loving the Work


Clients love what Value Architects Group offers - fast, smart and empowering design. Sarah loves witnessing the excitement, relief and satisfaction in her Clients' face when they see the way forward. 

what makes my architect special?

Fully Registered Architects


Registered Architects are more than a drafting service. Like your lawyer, we are experts obliged to work in your best interests. Our value to you and to society at large is in  creating the best possible places for people to live, work and play.

A Service that Comes to You


We meet you in your home or workplace (Melbourne Metro). Flexible hours can be arranged to suit you, perhaps even a virtual meeting online. No spin, no bling, just the services you need where you need them.

Research, Knowledge and Humility


Our clients deserve architects who prove their worth time after time. Value Architects brings established knowledge and latest research to your project, but our most important research topic is you. We also love the work of Professor Flora Samuel. (Read Sarah's review of her latest book here.)

Engaged in Industry Debates


We are active in the campaign to stop inappropriate development in Federation Square. Our Principal, Sarah, has been on ABC radio, and is active on social media. She believes architecture is not a luxury service and champions good quality design for all.

Mentoring University Students


Throughout 2019 Sarah will be a volunteer mentor to a senior student from Melbourne University. Helping students move from academia to professional practice is another way we create value.

Trained in Communication


Get your team on the same page. Sarah has undertaken extensive Professional Development in Psychology and Counseling. She wants to really hear you and address your needs. Not on the "same page" as your partner? Let's talk and get you closer to the spaces you need.

free tools to get you started (....coming soon!!)

Making Spaces that you Value

Value Architects will put your values, needs and wants front and centre of the project. We use discussion and pen-and-paper tools to get them out of your head and into reality. Value Architects knows how to analyse the pros and cons of different strategies. You will get clarity on which option to pursue based on your values criteria.  Value Architects is ready to be your architect. 

free tools coming soon!